Hi. My name is Kain Harvey. I've been a GoPro user for years. I own many models of GoPro since the Hero 3. Now I'm considering the GoPro Max. Since my background is electrical engineering, I am good with numbers. I am also familiar with small electronic devices because it's what I studied at college. I tend to know how things working, or not working in some cases. I am praised as a numbers geek. My calculations and data analysis impressed all of my friends at college. I don't get good grades though since all else of mine don't perform really well.

I'm totally in love with the Gopro company that produces this market leader action camera that is superb in both video output quality, and technical views. Hope they will produce good new products again, hopfully nothing like that failure drones.

I hope I will get along well with you guys here at GoProFanatics.

snowboarding, gokarting, and scuba diving
Tokyo, Japan
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I am an action photographer from Tokyo, Japan. I am a big fan of Gopro community, especially the Goprofanatics.com. I have an engineering background, so I know about numbers pretty well. Please take a look at my article about SD cards for GoPro cameras at my personal website. That is one example of how ones combine an education with their hobby well. Hope my article will be of use for GoPro users here.