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Yi 36oVr Full Review Buyer Be Aware

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Oct 7, 2012
Yi 360 VR Full Review Before you Buy

I am sharing my post:
Thank you for accepting me and second allowing me to freely speak my mind. I am not here to Be negative but positive. I keep things real.
For Me, For you, My full Review, with video's. I do hope I can write this up and show it all in one post?
April 2018, the talk & Release, September on sale, Nov 2018 Ownership, returning as I write this up? reasons, Personal, I do not mind sharing them here.
Over view a preview: Showing what I got in hand, and getting used to things and all?
My Full review Buyer Be Aware! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Emu1eEet4zE
LIke my Y4K + review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DywCrLduT3M&t=61s
I do love what I do, share my story, I do my best to help out It's the first Impressions, and taking the time to learn the camera.
4.Full review Discussion Buyer Be Aware Live
I taken the steps to discuss any thoughts live, and share For me and any questions be more then happy to help out?
5. Crash and Burn
Camera crashing, update with crashing, doing my best to work out the problems at hand?
6.During the crashing some raw samples and tests going through features and functions etc.
7. During raw sample I am comparing to a Samsung product.
8.Comparing to the Samsung Gear 360 2017
I do try my best to make notes for me, myself so I can make my decisions why I need a better camera etc.
9. As I deep into a decision I am sharing my Personal thoughts outloud to all. These are how I take notes today.
10. Testing bat Life ad this up in 4K@30 its shy of the Hour,
Part one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJBFI7kxIz4
Part two https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZciMN_lxiNo
part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPGEpsRtlUw
11. One of my Main reasons, of my Decisions. And why I decide what is best for me.
I am sure there will be questions & answers As long as we all understand, This is not a Rant, Nor Vent It's Notes, thoughts out loud, Problems being worked out, solutions to issues, and when all else fails, and no where to turn. I simply tip my hat and say Thank you, but before I go. I just wanted to be heard and One may never know, if the Yi 360Vr I had was a fluke. Things do happen and that I am very grateful for all the support and dedication put in to a wonderful product, Just not for me at this given time.

Missing features & functions, settings (these are just some)
1. EIS (future firmware)
2. Stereo, Wind NR
3. timer (video), Photo (under stage the timer).
4. brightness level
5. lens switch, single, dual.
6. led on/off
7 red/blue , record, charge lighting
8 face detection.
9. editing software (only stitching, used for higher res a must!
10. Data is not offered only hot spot
11. app live less steps to go live (another topic)
12 lcd screen no playback, size of screen smaller then the glass.
Incorrect naming in feature and function, settings
1. Distance
2. Mode select, night, stage, auto

1 camera crash
2 15 second reset fail
3.camera reset.
4 factory reset incorrectly displaying
5. firmware completion display missing
7 tripod socket area indented
8. tripod in full open off level, no level bubble either.
9. stitching lines, distortion
10 higher res more battery consumption
11. when locked hours did not free

1. firmware 1.7.9. unclear after 24 hours later firmware slowly cleared issues. reflashing was not used
In conclusion:
Love the camera. Firmware was difficult to find on site, along with the Yi-360 IOS app. Incorrect and no info offered in the manual about settings. It's not a difficult camera to learn, just very difficult in an general level lighting, for me. Camera constantly hung, crashed, and locked with bat out for hours on end. Used the fasted cards owned. PNY Elite, Samsung eveo select and sandisk extreme plus 90mb write speeds. After all the bugs out. blurriness, and distortion. I look back and miss the Yi 360 VR? I felt I did not want to hold on to a fluke ( a unstable) camera, until a Revised, and 2nd generation model is offered? I did not get a full chance to try Live stream, night shots and more for my needs and the features I want its my decision after all - All in all These are my Notes, My thoughts out loud, For me. the title of Buyer Be Aware (Alert) Is this for you? And that is where I leave this at?
Is the Yi 360 VR a camera for you and why? Love to hear your thought?

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