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Wifi bacpac problems

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New member
Feb 18, 2016
Well I figured that instead of replacing my perfectly good gopro for one that had wifi I would just get a wifi bacpac..(i know the new models the battery life sucks when using wifi so being able to charge to wifi bacpac on its own was a plus) anyway.. Ordered mine from go pro and tried setting it up... No go had problems with the bacpac not working unless plugged in and then when it was plugged into my camera it would change the camera settings on its own.. So sent it back and gopro sent me a new one.. Now it seems to work as it should but now my remote will not go into connection mode(says its running v2.12) I cant get either of the bacpac or remote to connect into my gopro studios.. Tried to manually update and nothing.. Im honestly ready to take it to the front door of go pro and throw it at someone in the tech department.. It sounds like a firmware problem but how am I supposed to fix it if it wont even connect to my computer(windows 7)