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Whats going on here...another video quality thread.

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New member
Dec 1, 2015

So, I bought a Hero 3+ Silver the other day and took it out on the bike. I shot a ton of videos at all different resolutions, frame rates etc to see what they looked like.

I have an example video at 1080p60 that I downloaded to my iphone via the App and it looks Superb. Great colours, pin sharp.

If I view the file on my pc however, it looks crap. I've tried exporting at 1080p, custom settings and nothing. I am watching it back on a decent computer with a 1080p monitor.

Example video here: https://youtu.be/5ifCgg_ktjQ

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


New member
Jan 8, 2015
i have never had luck shooting in low light with my gopros, they seem to thrive on lots and lots of light and simple backgrounds. even if you look at the gopro advertising most of the shots area in open areas and lots of light. also YouTube compresses videos which is an other issue, even when i get a great shot that looks good right off the camera by the time it makes it to YouTube its full of background noise. also even tho its an action camera is does not do well when its bouncing around, again look at the shots in a gopro commercial. that being said they can take some great footage when the conditions are right!