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New member
Mar 12, 2015
far north queensland
I wanted to start my Gopro 4 black today but it wouldn't start. I thought the battery was flat so I replaced it with a freshly charged one-no change, camera not powering up. When I took the battery out & pushed it back in in case the contacts weren't good the camera immediatley started taking stills every half second & pressing the power button to stop did nothing as did the side button. The only way to stop the camera was to remove the battery. Put the battery back & off it goes again on still camera mode taking pictures every half second.
I plugged the camera into the mac to see if it needed an update & it went all the way till the "done" highlighted. Camera behaviour hasn't changed.
What's wrong with the thing ?


New member
Feb 13, 2016
Can you get to the menu to reset everything?
Hard to say but a full reset is first thing to try.
Also download anything you want from the SD card and format it in camera - or try an alternative card if possible.

If it's within warranty they seem to be very good at dealing with any faults (by replacing it)