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Use of an infrastructure network versus ad-hoc network with GoPro Hero3

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New member
Dec 16, 2012
I'm a new member here, so I apologize if the question is naive or out of place. But I thought I read somewhere the possibility of using an infrastructure network instead of an ad-hoc wifi network for the Hero3.

The scenario I am trying to support is - mount a GoPro in a high school gym to record basketball games. The school has good Wifi infrastructure network and rather than control the camera from the ad-hoc network (which testing has proven to have serious distance limitations) I want to control over the existing wifi network.

Second setp, would of course be Live streaming - another, as of yet, unsupported (yet announced) feature.

Any thoughts?


New member
Oct 29, 2012
I think it would primarily depend on your network and your wireless access point's ability to establish ad-hoc connections and bridge them to specific points at another part of the network. It may take some time to set up the bridge, but it may be possible depending on your hardware. I've never tried it before, but I can ask a few of my friends who might know the answer and can get back to you.


New member
Nov 13, 2012
this wont work. But what you would do is this.

Instead of trying to connect the go-pro to a existing network, use a wireless ap with a bridge mode to "Bridge" the adhoc network of the gopro to the wireless AP. Then you could access it from the network of the AP/Router with a ethernet connection or if the device supports dual radios then you could connect to any wifi or broadcast a new SSID