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Time Lapse vs. 4k Still Exports

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New member
Dec 9, 2015
I shoot surfing pictures with a GoPro 3+ Black and while the time lapse shots come out great, sometimes the picture every .5 seconds misses some of the moments. I have two questions:

1. is there a way to increase the frequency to something more than .5 seconds? I've looked everywhere and i think i know the answer but I thought i'd post here anyway

2. I'm wondering how it would work if i shot 4k @ 15fps or even 2.k @ 30fps and then just exported the frames that I like? I know the quality still wouldn't be as good as 12mp but at least I'd be able to choose the exact shot i'm looking for - I just wonder about blurriness @ 15/30fps

So you can get an idea of some of the shots i'm taking and lighting, my instagram (where i primiarly post them), is https://www.instagram.com/merrija85/