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Product Tester vvia Amazon - Free Stuff and Commission

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New member
Jan 26, 2016

***Please read this listing

As a retailer via Amazon we are in a constant need for product reviews. Our brand is looking for reviewers to review our Gopro Accessories product line.

So what's in it for you for an Amazon Review?

1) You will get a free product, which you can sell again
2) $5 Commission for your troubles

This will be how the process works:
1) Given a 20% Deposit via paypal
2) Reviewer will purchase the product on Amazon
3) Reviewer will write a review after receiving the product in the mail
4) Reviewer will receive 80% balance of product cost + $5 (via paypal) and keep the free product
**Product is around the $12-$25 price range

If interested please reply with your email.