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Polaroid POLC3 Cube

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Active member
Oct 7, 2012
Seller lost the cap, they do make black selicone for a few dollars, and while I got some clear, I simply used Renyolds wrap, pressed and formed in the back opening, and placed in a heft bead. I then with cardboard placed the camera firmly flat and slid off any excess and allow to dry. While it dries, the only opron to use the new cap would be a center hole and cord. while the old fashion twist will not work? If it does work the old twist on and off then I can redo and add a coin slot?

For the tripod mount you will need a curve shape and that is where I may have to redo another cap and will be alil more difficult to get the shape , for me right. First tstepl like said. see if the first cast works.

If this all works out, then I can simply pass this on...

thanks for viewing. sometimes a lil inguenity goes a long way. with the gopro Promic I feel we can do the same, make a simple cast and protect our investment.