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Please help me

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New member
Jul 2, 2016
Hello, I've just bought a gopro Session. I've trying it and I took some photos and videos. But some times, when I try to change the mode from video to photo the half times the gopro shuts down, the other times starts the monitor shuts down and opens again after 5seconds (for many many times) and some times shows me a message "No SD card". My action camera is updated and I have made a format on my SD. Is my action camera faulty? I bought a new SD card that they sold my at the shop. It is a Sandisk 32GB, speed up to 80mb/s 533x


Active member
Oct 7, 2012
sounds like you're not using your camera correctly. and trying to understand you (not making fun)

camera : to take video only this is what you do? Press the red button once, it beeps, starts shooting video, press it once it beeps stops taking video shuts down.

to take photo set the timelapse for photo longer. LONG presss red button, beeps, it will take a photo again and again and again till you press red button to stop, beeps shuts down

what you are experiencing is what? camer just does what it wants. could you do a video of your issue?