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newbie with problems

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New member
Apr 11, 2016
hi and thanks for adding me.im new to gopros really,ive bought a silver 4,with a good quality sd card.im having problems with Microsoft windows 10 recognising the gopro.ive got all the latest updates for the go pro and laptop.im beginning to lose faith.....any help would be great thanks


Active member
Oct 7, 2012
if an issue arises due to premature pulling or a corruption. you should check your Device manager out. I bet you got more than one port, did you try that?

If you do not, take out the sd card and try with just the cam alone and make sure you have it off first listen for the audio dings then turn on and wait a fe minutes as it loads. if not then hit the on. ifstill nothing then insert the sd card still nothing... then you are going to have to open the device manager up and start deleting one uSB at a time to you hit it... How I used to do things