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New Session Bundle with a lot of accessories

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New member
Mar 25, 2014
Miami, FL
Hey guys, just found another website with an awesome bundle price. Not familiar with the REI website, so I looked them up on Consumer Affairs and they 1 1/2 star. See the review here >>> REI Reviews

If anyone want to still give it a try, here's what the bundle includes.

GoPro Session
Casey case
microSD (based on the picture it might be a 32GB card)
Standard frame
Low-profile frame
Curved adhesive mount
Flat adhesive mount
Ball joint buckle
Remote Control

Bundle Price: $239.93 USD

Session Bundle


Active member
Oct 7, 2012
Rei.com offered one of the best trade ins ever. when a new one comes out, you give back your old one, not sure if they still do it. Rei.com also have walk in Seminars. they take you out on a Hike, etc, back to the Shop and work on projects, teaching you how to use your camera and all.

The pkg bundle is great everything but the RC and sd card is 199.99 the 32 gb card today cost about 15.00 and rc 70.00 so it is still a good bargain.

Some one from Finland said the Gopro costs $120.00 on sale Yesterday. Requested a Link, but that was all they offered words.