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Need advice on Time Lapse setting for my first solo trip.

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New member
Mar 31, 2019
I own a GoPro Hero 5 black and i am about to embark on my first solo trip alone and would like to do a simple vlog of my journey. Would love it if the seniors and pros here could provide some insights and recommendations on the GoPro settings for the following situations:

1) Driving from London >> Stonehenge >> Bath (London to Stonehenge takes around an hour drive, while Stonehenge to bath about 1.5 hrs drive)
2) Walking around Paris(day time), estimated walking time 30mins
3) Walking around Paris(night time), estimated walking time 30mins

- Should i be using TimeLapse Video or Photo? As i understand photo adjusts exposures with each shot while video doesn't, but video stitched all the photos without the need for me to manually do it in Adobe Premiere Pro.
- What's the recommended interval for each of the scenarios mentioned above (point 1-3)?
- I will be bringing my Microsoft Surface Pro with me so i'll be able to offload the videos at night and edit them back in the room.
- I have 2 64GB memory card, as well as a spare battery.

Any tips/advice/suggestions/recommendations will really be appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)


Dec 21, 2017
I would use Timelapse Video, it's smoother and you have the clip ready and don't have to edit pictures.
The Timelapse setting depends on the video length you want to have- f.e. taking 1 sec interval you will get after a minute 2 sec Timelapse video, you have 60 pics and playing 30 fps will give 2 sec playing time.
That means that after 30 min you will get 60 sec Timelapse video, of course playing time can be manipulated in edit- slower or faster at each moment.
Don't await to much from from night shooting, the GoPro isn't good at low light conditions- don't put the ISO max to high that brings noise in the picture, go for max 400.
Make tests before that your memory cards are running well, if they aren't good enough, you will get trouble.
For editing you need an editor, maybe Windows Movie Maker- better editors are f.e. Magix, Vegas or Da Vinci Resolve - the last is free but pretty complicated.
Good luck!

Ciao Rob