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Music for GoPro Videos

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New member
Jan 12, 2013
Weybridge, Vt
For most of my gopro edits, like the one above, I tend to use soundtracks already used in gopro videos. Does anyone know any other good songs for gopro videos???


New member
Dec 19, 2012
Cape Town, South Africa
Yeah this is one irritating trend I've noticed when watching many GoPro videos is people using the same music over...and over... and over again.

I know they are usually awesome songs and usually suit the upbeat feel of what GoPro videos are all about. But half the time I immediately close the video if it's a song I keep hearing all the time. People put effort and creativity into their video footage, why shouldn't the same be done for their audio?

For example, the song you used in your video is great. It's got that funny and playful feel to it, but what has it got to do with Skiing? The song is more suited to a slow drive around town or a timelapse. The second song that plays is a bit better and more suitable (not sure if it's part of the same song or not because the transition is very well done, but it's more vibrant and upbeat) - but again it's soooo overused. Just hearing it I can picture the typical skiing jumps and slow motion backflips.

I haven't made many videos using the GoPro myself yet, but whenever I upload a video I've made to Youtube I always try and expand people's musical experience by giving them something new to listen to. I also try use local bands if possible to help them gain a bit of publicity and interest.

I hope I don't come across as being mean or something, I genuinely liked the footage you have in your video and I'm always happy to see people making new videos. I was just trying to explain my point of view :)

Something you could try do is:
1) Go to a website like Last.fm - Listen to free music with internet radio and the largest music catalogue online and search for the artist of a song that you like.
2) View their complete profile after it comes up in the search results.
3) Scroll down slightly and click on the Similar Artists link.

For example I searched for The Script and it gave me the following as similar bands and artists that I might like: Similar artists to The Script

Great way for finding new music to use that is still similar to what you want but different enough that people won't get bored.

Last thing, you will find that your viewers will greatly appreciate it if you put the Song + Artist name (and maybe an iTunes link to them) in your video descriptions. Some feel that it's only right to give artists the credit they deserve while others just want to be able to go listen to more of a new song they liked.
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Jun 1, 2012
I try to use songs nobody has used before or if it has it was very little. I also try to match the song to the video int he manor of the sound to the video even and the overall feeling i want to get across to the viewers.

the issue i have is youtube likes the tag my videos cause of it and block them.


New member
Dec 19, 2012
yup, the hard part isn't finding a song that suits your video, it's finding a song that suits your video which won't get a copyright flag on Youtube! :lol:


New member
Jan 22, 2015
If you are looking for someone to take your video and score music to it, so that you have custom music that fits your video email me at colecommandeur@gmail.com, i recently graduated audio school and this would be a fun project


New member
May 18, 2017
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