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Mobius Maxi

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Active member
Oct 7, 2012
Not the form factor or have a screen but like my older Mobius I enjoy that camera. they made one for 2.7K wow and to top it off they were able to get 4K out of it to, but low and behold the developer is holding back making us all their Gunea Pigs. Yep wifi is in her, and so on.... nuff biggering,

this has gravity huh three EIS settings why call it gravity Lol

night shots look great maybe more golden but at times the center gets the best quality while the up and down just looks like where did the video go. if this is the same exact size I get it. but its looks BIG. if I can change the lens to the other side of the camera like a mini gopro I be happier.. or maybe I will save my 75.00 and I did mod my older mobius for sound external sound that is. more or less I am with a hero 6 black and Happy don't have to worry bout the issues that this lil bad boy has and I post up so people can pass to a Developer and start releasing when they feel saying oh we improved......

hog wash guys like any camera company get your act together stop the BS and one firmware release DONE!