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Aug 23, 2011
Montreal, Canada
The Private Classifieds Section is a place where members can buy and sell products listed by other members.

Members who wish to sell a personal item on GoProFanatics.com must have at least 5 posts made outside of the classifieds section. This reduces the possibility of a new member scam (signing up and selling something that they do not have for example).

GoProFanatics.com holds ZERO responsibility in any of the transactions made on the forum. You must buy and sell at your own risk. Make sure to protect yourself and do your due diligence.

Using a service like Paypal is preferred. Avoid paying with the Paypal Gift Option! You will not be protected in the event of a problem with the product.

Posting a For Sale Thread is quite simple.

1. You must post an asking price. No auctions please. Indicate if the price is firm or OBO. If the price is firm, this reduces the amount of potential low ball offers.

2. You must post a picture of the actual items you are selling. Do not post up a stock photo downloaded from the manufacturer's website or a google search.

It is strongly recommended to post a picture of the item you're selling along with a sheet of paper with your GoProFanatics.com user name and the date.

3. Post your location and where you are willing to ship to.

If you do not agree with the poster's pricing, please refrain from "calling them out" publicly and potentially derailing the thread. You can PM the member your best offer. This is strongly encouraged if the price is listed as OBO (or best offer).

When the buyer and seller have mutual respect for each other, transactions go smoothly.

This thread will be constantly updated with more information.

If you wish to become an official forum sponsor and advertise your products on GoProFanatics.com, please send me a private message directly.

Any threads started without signing up to become a sponsor will be deleted.
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