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Maldives - Baa Atoll - Coco Palm

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New member
Apr 10, 2020
In search of a more traditional island, we ended up in the northern Baa Atoll. The resort opened before the 2000s so has had plenty of time to grow with plenty of green plants and palm trees. Here there is less the urge for excessive luxury but an all the more well-established island life in harmony with nature. A special feature is also the large sandy beach with a beach bar on the west side - as usual in the Maldives, this changes with the monsoon and the seasons. On the islands there is a sanctuary for injured or sick turtles. There is a worthwhile lecture as well as the opportunity to visit the turtles - a project that we are happy to support.

Diving in the Baa Atoll mainly takes place on the inner so-called Thila's (underwater islands). Coral reefs with their typical inhabitants can be found here - it is fascinating how the structure and the inhabitants of the individual independent thila's are the same in the end. There is always a small quota shark standing in the current, but also the usual schools of rays, batfish and moray eels. It is also worth taking a closer look at smaller macro animals. Starting from the island of Coco Palm, you are usually alone at the dive sites. A short boat ride south offers an interesting site for night diving.

camera: GoPro Hero 9 (+ 2x 15000 lumen light)
settings: 4k / 60fps / white balance native / iso 100-400