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How many videos we can convert in "one take"

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New member
Jul 9, 2017
Hi guys, one question please,
In step one - View and trim - import new files, how many videos we can put ? is there any limit? cause mine is causing gopro studio to "hang" and then i need to restart it.
Also in conversion list, how many videos we can convert in one time? i left pc open during night and it stopped in the middle of the process 2 times, it never completes it :(
(I am using usb external 2Terra hard drive and there is plenty of space left)


Active member
Oct 7, 2012
the program is not limited, it is like any program to work, you are entitled to put as many videos. photos and songs etc allowed. if it crashes its the program and your machine. I don't use gopros stuff sorry. rarely I use it.
good luck