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How durable are objects made with a 3D printer?

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New member
Mar 26, 2016
3D printed thermoplastics are generally between 50% and 80% as strong as the same polymer when injection molded and no more vulnerable to light, heat, or chemicals than the injection molded version. Because of the way 3D printing works, a thermoplastic object (as opposed to the material itself) can sometimes be designed to be many times more durable than an injection molded equivalent (this has to do with allowable wall thicknesses, draft, flow angles, etc. in injection molding). 3d printing in chennai india.

3D printing resins - HD hard vary wildly in strength - some are extremely fragile (early acrylate resins), some are as strong as injection molded polymers like ABS but more vulnerable to ultraviolet light damage, becoming brittle with prolonged exposure (newer acrylate and epoxy based SLA resins).

3D printed object parts can actually be stronger than the same material produced by casting. Testing shows they can achieve performance equaling or exceeding forged components with proper stress relieving heat treatments and hot isostatic pressing.

the 3d printing technology (Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) vs.Stereolithography (SLA) vs. SLS, etc). Can you please narrow it down a bit to a specific set of criteria like temperature, pressure, load that needs to be handled, budget, size, etc.

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New member
Dec 27, 2011
Cornwall, UK
It can depend on the design and the material used. You can print PLA solid and that can be ok. It really depends what the product is and what it's used for. There are also some rubbery type materials than can absorb shocks/impact too.