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Hero4 Session video out?

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New member
Jun 5, 2015
Does anyone know if the Session can support video out through it's microusb port? The full size models have an hdmi port for video out and I'm pretty sure the hero 3 3+ supported sd video out the mini/micro usb port.

Anyone know?

On a related but seemingly random note, has anyone every tried inputting video to a lcd bacpac via usb/30 pin adapter or anything? I know the bacpacs work with an extension cable, but I don't know if the pins are arranged in a propriety way that the pacs won't wouldn't work with any other type of device/signal. It seems like a crazy long shot, but thought i'd ask.

The reason for these odd questions is I'm trying to use a gopro and lcd bacpac as a digital sight for a paintball project and the Session is a little more attractive for mounting to the marker than a regular sized model.

Thanks in advance!


New member
Oct 5, 2015
why dont you try the Removu R1? it has support for the Session already and im using one right now.. thou i'm having issues right now with playback of my videos because they seem to be in fastforward mode :(