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Hero 9 and The Remote

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New member
Feb 3, 2013
For those that don’t know, the old Smart Remote is not compatible with the Hero 9. You must go with the new version called “The Remote”. That unit can control up to 5 cameras at once. I have managed to connect my two Hero 9 cameras but I need one more thing.

Setup: I use two cameras and control them with one remote. Those are mounted on my car for track days at a road course. At the track we have to stage in pit lane for about 10 minutes before we actually head onto the track. What I would like to do is be able to power the cameras on and off from the remote at the same time. This way I can power both on right before I head onto the track and not have to keep them on needlessly while I am waiting in the staging lanes.

The question: Can I power the cameras on and off at the same time with the single remote?

Was wondering if anyone has done the same or know how it‘s done....