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Here is how to get a refund.

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New member
Sep 14, 2019
The back story:

The Hero7 Black is my 7th GoPro. All the others I had a great experience with. However, the Hero7 was clearly released to soon and GoPro’s customer service is the worst I have ever experienced.

I bought and brand new broken Hero7 directly from GoPro. From the time I received it I had continuous problems with it freezing, disconnecting the remote draining the battery etc.... Upon contacting GoPro, they sent me another remote and two Hero7’s under warranty. Each time the Hero7’s had the same freezing and disconnecting the remote problems. So, they just keep sending me broken cameras. GoPro offers no viable solutions. I have done everything they have asked with resetting the cameras, updates, SD cards etc. nothing fixes the problem. They just keep delaying the customers and hope they will give up and go away. If you do some research online you will find this is a very common problem that GoPro refuses to fix and they refuse to refund anyone’s money.

GoPro refused to refund my money for the Hero 7 that never worked properly so I contacted the CA Attorney General’s Office and they made Go Pro give me a refund within about 2 weeks. I suggest, if you do not have luck with Go Pro's customer service you do the same. Maybe GoPro will learn to treat their customers better.