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Hello from Central US

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Sgt. Paintball

New member
Jul 15, 2018
Central IL
Hello All!
My name's Sgt. Paintball and I have been using GoPro's and Action Camera's since November of 2013 when I bought my first GoPro Hero 3 Black from Best Buy on Black Friday and it came with a touch screen bacpac that I still have. I have since lost the GoPro but still have the adapter. I have gone through many GoPro's throughout the years and now currently have a H5S, Sony Action Cam, and a H4B in my Possession with many, many accessories including my favorites form Removu. The camera's that I have owned include the H3B, H3+S, H4S, H4B, H5S, and Sony Action Cam. Some of the accessories that I own include the Removu S1, Removu M1+A1, Removu P1, GoPole Stick, GoPole Tri-Stand, GoPro Touch Screen BacPac, GoPro Battery Bacpac, Noir Matter Quark, multiple mounts, DIY Gopro 3rd person mount, many batteries, GoPro Smart Remote, GoPro Light, and a GoScope Roll case to house all of these awesome assessories. I also am an owner of the DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo and many Drone accessories. I can't believe this is the first time that I am joining a forum related to Gopro but thought I would say Hello!
-Sgt. Paintball