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Gopro Freeze/rebooting with microSD

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New member
Aug 23, 2015
hello everyone!

I have had my gopro for almost a year but i have not used it that much and always took good care of it.

Last week i used it and everything went fine, when the day was almost over and i was filming, the gopro just started restarting itself over and over, i tought it was maybe the battery as i was using it for almost a whole day, so i put it away and dident think much of it, Then when i got home i put the microsd in my PC and everything i recorded worked fine, and the gopro was not restarting anymore when i put in another battery; and all menus worked fine, ofc the micro SD was not in there at the time.

Now yesterday i wanted to use the gopro again, i put my micro sd in, started the gopro and the same problem ocured again, the gopro started and you could see the videocamera icon but i could not go trought the menus, a few seconds later it restarted again, with red light flashing etc and it just kept doing that until i removed the battery.

I then removed the micro SD again and the camera worked fine, i could go trought the menus with no problems at all.

I tought it maybe was the Micro SD fault, so i reformatted the card, but same problem, i then got a new card...but same problem.

At this point i dont really know what to do anymore, i could not really find this specific problem on google aswel.

Is it a small problem? or should i just contact Gopro right away?

Sorry for the long post and my bad english ^^

Cheers and thanks in advance!