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Firmware update without SD Card

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New member
Jul 7, 2020

I just joined this forum as it seems to be quite resourceful :). I have a old Hero 3. It was perfectly functioning until recently. It started showing No SD. Here's what I did as an attempt to resolve it:

  1. Took out the SD card, cleaned and inserted it back
  2. Formatted the SD card using PC
  3. Reset the Gopro
  4. Got myself a new SD Card (SanDisk Extreme UHS-3)
  5. Called Gopro Helpdesk who once again guided me through all of the above

Everything failed. The Helpdesk guy mentioned that my firmware might be corrupted but if the Gopro is unable to read the SD card, we cannot update the firmware and hence I should just trash the camera. It seems to be quite weird to me that there is no "hack" available to access the firmware without going through the SD card. So before I completely lose hope of the camera, I wanted to drop a note here in case someone had a similar issue and managed to figure out a way around it.

Thank you so much in advance :).