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firmware - black 7

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Feb 4, 2013
Hey - while using my black 7 yesterday, through the app on the phone it reminded me of an update (not sure if it was the app or of firmware to be honest). I clicked "later". Anyone know if it was just the app needing updating? If Firmware, should I wait/not do it as I have become firmware update resistant as I take to heart the "bricked my xxxxx" with xxxxx = device name


Active member
Oct 7, 2012
You opened the GoPro App and clicked camera, and firmware showed. you chose later. the next time you open the gopro app, again you will be reminded the same. That is the camera firmware. you do have to read the TOS when it shows or the top left it will clearly say fw 1.80 not firmware 01.80.

Maybe today or tomorrow when the new camera comes out we'll see the gopro app on the smartphone update. so look out for that as well. you can see that on your APP