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error preparing exporter encoder file writer

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New member
Dec 15, 2014

i have gopro 3 plus black
my computer is with win 7 64x 16gb ram
use gopro studio 2.5.3
i make 40 minutes video in gopro studio 2.5.3 but when i try to export the movie in h.264 iget error:
"error preparing exporterencoderfilewriter" 11111.jpg

how i can fix this error??? i try to install again k lite codec pack not help :-(

tnx for your help


New member
Sep 4, 2015
Had same problem and never could fix it. Had to use the 2.0 software
I have just ecounterd this problem 30 minutes ago. Prior to this I have exported other videos without problem. And the funny thing is that the only software modification I have made to the PC in the last months was the installation of the program aTube Catcher.

I don't know if that has something to do with the problem, but the thing is that I use aTube Catcher a lot, so I don't want to unistall it, but now I cannot export videos to any format :(

I don't know how to check the version I have of GoPro Studio (It would be a good idea that it should appear on the first screen or on the help menu...), but the PDF manual shows 2.0 in the first page, so I suppose it is the 2.0.

So know I'm stuck... someone knows how to solve it? Should I try with a newer version?

Or... could I forget completely about GoPro Studio and use another software? Could I use just Adobe Premiere? I'm a nobbie with video editing software, but I herad many people use that.