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bought a gimbal for ski trip

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Feb 4, 2013
so in February I will be going on my annual ski trip. The gopro always goes and I enjoy using it but this year there are a couple of things that will be different.

I will have some friends along that I haven't skied with in 30 years. I plan on doing some videoing of them and myself, more extensively than when I ski mostly by myself in recent years. So "follow along" , likely using an extended pole, I decided to buy my first gimbal that attaches to the end of a pole and holds the camera steady.

So I bought a home Steady Pro 4, little bit of research and that is what seemed like a good idea.

it also serves as a battery pack to the camera while hooked up to get much longer life out of each battery.

so the second change this year is I have in my bag a 360 camera, not the max but the insta360 one x2. I bought it after my ski trip last year, have had a little fun with it this year on the lake and around, looking forward to it on the slopes.

Anyway, wondered if anyone uses gimbals anymore , i figured with a 7 black, it will enhance the video , if I had a new 10 black, the claims are that gimbals really aren't needed anymore. But I don't. I have an old wearable gimbal that is a bit big and clunky and batteries don't last so long in the cold, it has been a couple years since I used it anyway.

Thoughts? comments?