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Battery Charger Q & Can You Film While Plugged To Pwr Source ?

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New member
Jul 28, 2013
Fly Over Country
I've got a dinosaur - a HD Motorsports HERO. I've enjoyed this camera, immensly, for several yrs now. I have 2 batteries & am looking for a stand-alone charger.... Is there such an animal ? Also, is it possible to film while the camera is plugged into a pwr source ??? I hooked my camera up to my bike a/c pwr yesterday & filmed for 35-40 min - thinking it was drawing pwr from the bike....... when I returned home & plugged the GoPro up it lit up & stayed lit up for awhile, obviously recharging itself..... I have a cross-country motorcycle trip coming up & was hoping to be able to film away & not hafta worry about battery drain....... Any suggestions welcomed !

Thanks - DW <ShowMe177RG@Gmail.com>