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New member
Jul 3, 2014
Shenzhen, Hong Kong
Hi all,

Are you an experienced product reviewer? do you post reviews in this forum or others? Youtube? Do you have followers?

We are looking for people to work with us! Drop me a PM with samples of your reviews. We have products GoPro products available for the right people.

Thanks guys.
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New member
Mar 5, 2014
I will be teaching a course with curriculum to teach young and eager future Video makers how to pick the best angle and viewpoint for making videos. Using GoPro and other handheld camcorders. From first person to third person shots, different mounts, etc…. Then how to edit the their movies and upload to different media on the internet. I myself have one GoPro Hero 2, and 2 other handheld digital camcorders. Plus a few iPhone 4 and 5’s. I have asked GoPro if they have the ability to loan out demo equipment for such a project. The program is right now only a 3 day course over three weeks. Running this October. I have not gotten any replies. Me and my son use the GoPro for a vast array of uses right now. The school system is Kenston in Geauga County near Cleveland, OH. It is the Kenston Community Education section (KCE). Do you have any ideas of how I can contact GoPro or other sources to so if we can get something for the students? Even simple brochures or stickers, etc.. would help. I feel that students will be looking to purchase GoPro equipment to further their interest in this subject. Pat C. dtbprc@aol.com


Active member
Oct 7, 2012
PM'd and would love that chance because I am not just a member thanks for your time PEace FISH! put a big smile on my face


New member
Jul 19, 2014
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