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  1. K

    Broken clip of underwater case

    Hi guys, some days ago i noticed that the clip that holds the underwater case closed, is broken- what can i do? can i just order this part and not all the underwater case ? Thank you very much.
  2. K

    Other video not available for mobile devices

    Hi guys, I just finished editing my vacation video, but after the youtube upload i am getting the message that "this video is not available in mobile devices". I found that there are 3 songs inside that claim copyrights, but i also see other videos on youtube using these exact songs without...
  3. K

    Sound of video in storyboard is muted

    Hi guys, when i am inserting a new converted video to storyboard, the sound of this individual video is muted. However the sound of the mp3 background music is hearable. I checked the volume knob - its ok , the video volume settings in DB are in default, i also didnt touch the speed - its...
  4. K

    How many videos we can convert in "one take"

    Hi guys, one question please, In step one - View and trim - import new files, how many videos we can put ? is there any limit? cause mine is causing gopro studio to "hang" and then i need to restart it. Also in conversion list, how many videos we can convert in one time? i left pc open during...
  5. K

    Gopro Studio update VS Quik

    Hi guys! i had installed in my pc gopro studio since summer of 2015 - but never used it because i prefer to capture pictures. Anyway - now i gathered around 300 videos that i want to unite them and make a summer vacations video, my question is: 1) what is the difference between "Quik" and the...