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    Why I won't buy Hero6

    It's the same reason I wouldn't buy Hero5: https://shop.gopro.com/EMEA/accessories-2/pro-3.5mm-mic-adapter/AAMIC-001.html# What an abomination, if they included the adapter free like with the Yi4K+ it's still a ludicrous brick thing that is about as unsuitable for an action camera as you can...
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    Other Back home in 5 minutes

    Just a short dashcam edit from my (hero4) bits and pieces youtube acount. I had £200 worth of new glass for a building project in the back!
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    HERO4 Black/Silver update v4.0

    More fine tune of white balance seems a useful improvement. Who's first :cool:
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    Video thumbnails

    Can't beat a good Youtube thumbnail to encourage views of a boring video :p
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    White balance settings

    Firstly, GoPro does seem to do a pretty good job set on auto, but when you come to edit sometimes the changing as it adjusts automatically becomes an issue. With other cameras I often just set it on about 5800 and make any needed changes when grading. This approach is rather hampered with GoPro...
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    'Recommended' Protune settings

    I'm reasonably handy with colour grading DSLR footage, and know how to use LUTS in GoPro studio and Adobe Premiere. However I'm finding the recommendations for protune with Native white balance and Flat colour profile are often difficult to grade consistently? I must have spent 3 or 4 hours...
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    Aftermarket charger and original battery

    I bought two spare batteries and external charger made by Poloz or Puluz (I think). The spare batteries charge as expected in the cradle thing but the gopro battery shows a red light as if charging but doesn't seem to accept charge. It charges normally in the camera - is this a known issue they...