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    LUTs (LOG and Rec709 assistance

    Hoping for some help with LUTs (LOG version) I purchased some LUT’d from groundcontrolcolor especially for protune which come in cube (rec709 and LOG) to use in Premiere Pro but just wanted to make sure my workflow was correct. I am happy to convert them into either cineform via GoPro studio...
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    Do most of you use GoPro studio from start to finish?

    Hi, I am interested in what people tend to use to edit their videos as there's so much info about. Some use Studio to convert to cineform and then use those files in Premiere/FCP. Some use Gopro Studio all the way through. Others convert the compressed mp4 to ProRes then use FCP. So much...
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    Converting to Cineform - need to export?

    Hopefully an easy one! Once you have added the mp4 video and pressed convert they drop into the relevant folder chosen. Are these files the best quality to use as they are now cineform OR do I need to carry on to step 2 and export in full cineform format? I have found mixed opinion so far so...
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    Hero Session update - protune - helpppp

    Hi, I just bought the new hero session and via the capture app it states version v2.0 which I believe to be the latest. However, when I open the protune settings I only get ISO and sharpness. I was under the impression the new update provided further protune settings like flat colour etc. Any...
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    Hero 4 Silver BEst Resolution - POV and nonPOV

    Hi, Interested to know what resolution people tend to use for POV and nonPOV on the Hero 4 Silver? Lots of opinion on this I am sure but would be good to hear from users on this. Thanks, Welshrobbo