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  1. J

    studio GoPro Studio 2.0

    Why is it GoPro Studio 2.0 won't edit a non gopro generated file . It imports and plays?
  2. J

    file transfer issue

    I tried to transfer files from the hero to the computer. Open up windows explorer, click on the drive that is the hero and a box comes up saying the drive has to be formatted. This machine is running Vista. Any body have a fix for this. It always works in my other machines.
  3. J

    Watersports hero 3 floating in a school of bait fish

    These baitfish are called Bunker in Long Island Sound. I attached the hero to my fishing line and cast it out into the school.
  4. J

    take out a middle piece of the video

    How do you cut out a piece of video from the middle? It's clear how to chop from the beginning and the end but not in between.
  5. J

    gopro app with windows 8.1?

    Windows 8.1 is supposed to be app based. Will the gopro app work with it if my computer is wireless
  6. J

    gopro website ?

    Is anybody having a problem with their web site or is it just me? I used to get a video when I went there, now the whole site doesn't load properly . Empty boxes and so on. Roll the mouse over and the hand shows up ,but have know idea what is in the box. I was trying to see what was available...
  7. J

    computer build

    Any one here build their computer? I have before, but have been away from keeping up on things. Like what cpu, graphics card, hd, memory, mother board, etc. Can I use the case I have now or start from scratch? Any suggestions?
  8. J

    app for hero 3

    Is there a app to view, watch what is on the hero and also control it using a ipad?
  9. J

    Custom DIY Mounts What did you do with the top of the box?

    OK, I'm definitly going to do something with the top. I want to do some underwater video of catching fish and trying to see if the are there when I'm not getting any bites.
  10. J

    Custom DIY Mounts What did you do with the top of the box?

    I got a hero 3. It was mounted to the box top. So did anybody use this mount? It seems it can be used for customization. It would be a shame if it had to go in the trash.
  11. J

    Question about sd cards

    When you buy a new sd card are they supposed to work right out of the box?