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    3 gopro 4 batteries and charger $25 shipped

    Brand new, never used, I bought them from newegg.com $25 shipped
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    Gopro hero 4 silver brand new in box

    Brand new, never opened $325
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    Gopro hero 4 silver

    Everything included, same as new $350 shipped Sent from my iPhone
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    Snow Sports Skiing in Japan

    Nice video, we will be skiing here soon!
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    can't sign into youtube with iMovie .....help....

    i can't sign into youtube with iMovie, it keeps saying wrong username and password, even though i know they are correct. a few google searches say to make sure your email is verified with google, and i have done that.....any help???
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    Hero 4 in stores on the 5th ?

    With the release on the 5th, does that mean retailers will have them on hand for the 5th?
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    Imovies and Ipad

    i am using imovies on my ipad to edit the movies im taking, is there a way to use slow motion with imovies? i am not happy with my initial upload of a ski movie to youtube,it was not as clear as other ski movies i see. i was filming with protune turned on, should i be filming with protune on...
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    Battery Bacpac

    How long does it take the black battery bacpac to charge? ive had it plugeed into the computer for 6 hours and the battery meter is still not showing 3 bars