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    From Windows to What?

    I'm wanting to graduate from Windows Movie maker, dont want anything overly technical but want something the next level........what do you recommend?
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    Go Pro Edit Suite

    Where can I get a Gopro Edit suite online for free?
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    Split Clips

    When I come to download my clip which was continuous from GP to PC - the raw clip is always split into two on the GP hardrive. Any reason for this?
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    Any Solutions Yet?

    Downloaded the Gopro video program and have uninstalled it several times but still no luck. Its still clunky and wont obey and freezes. Any leads on solutions out there?
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    Gopro Studio Issues

    Downloaded the latest Gopro studio and the Quicktime with it. The following problems I am experiencing: 1. When I open it it goes straight to my tray and does not open up to full screen. 2. When I click on the icon in my tray it opens but is way too big for the screen. 3. I cant close it as...
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    Relitavely New Hero 3 Wont Light up/Charge?

    Just took my H3 out for a dive and it was ok filmed and all but now when I got it out to plug in to charge it there is not light on the front to show its charging? There is a little red light on the back showing its plugge din but its dead and wont turn on even when plugged in or unplugged?
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    Gopro Editing software missing?

    Should I have gotten some editing software on a disk when I bought my Gopro?
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    Time Lapse Resulted in heaps of stills?

    I used time lapse mode for the first time today and when I went in to transfer the files across they were all stills? I though that it would come up as a clip? Am I misunderstanding time lapse?
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    Only got 1 hr?

    On my first try with the new camera it stopped filming after about an hour - I thought there was 2 hrs of continuous filming?
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    Windows Media Player Wont Play any of my clips.

    Its happened all of the sudden after some updates. I have W8 and I am not interested in a system restore either. I get he message "media changing....." and also a popup box that says WMP cannot play the file etc..... - it used to yesterday now it wont on all my files and they are all set to...
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    Forum Slow to Load

    Is anyone experincing slow load times for this forum? All my other links facebook etc work fine but links coming in from my emails abot replies to threads and coming to the site directly all slow.
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    What is GPH3+? mean?

    What is GPH3+? mean?
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    Underwater Housing fogged up inside

    Locked my unit away into its housing at home then headed off to the beach. Entered water, footage looks superb for a while then slowly notice hazing on the inside of the housing window. Resulted in the film looking like a love story all misty like. Got it home and wiped it off - wasnt huge but...
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    Footage Going a Little too fast

    Just plugged my GP into the digital tv for a quick check of the footage and it seems like its sped up? Is this just a quirk of the tv or is it a setting issue? This is my first look into the gopro after taking some film. Also, I went to the website to update it and it said there are no...