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  1. jaredphoto

    All New Volta

    I did a quick comparison of the Karma grip and Volta using GoPro Hero 10 Linear+Horizon Leveling. I was at jogging pace and the picture is really stable on both. I know this is super short but the stabilization on the Hero 10 is a real game changer. Anyone who has used the Karma Grip will be...
  2. jaredphoto

    BMX Racing

    I really like using the Max Lens Mod when I race BMX for super steady footage.
  3. jaredphoto

    Been racing BMX lately

    Son's Settings: GoPro Hero 10 4k | 30fps | SuperView | HyperSmooth Boost My Settings: GoPro Hero 10 Lens Max Mod 2.7k | 30 | SuperView | HyperSmooth Boost At night I shoot at 30fps to allow more light so I do not have to increase the ISO which max was set to 1600.
  4. jaredphoto

    New Beta FW update available for Max Lens Mod

    Comparison of Max Lens Mod versus Superview HyoerBoost and Liner+Horizon-Leveling. You can download the Beta FW update manually through GoPro website. https://community.gopro.com/t5/HERO10-Beta/ct-p/HERO10Beta
  5. jaredphoto

    Testing HyperSmooth in various settings

    HyperSmooth is pretty cool. I tried to do a comparison between the various lenses and HyperSmooth settings. By far Linear+Horizon Leveling does the best job with stabilization, especially mounted on the handlebars of a bike. Looking forward to see the stabilization when the Max Lens Mod update...
  6. jaredphoto

    Been racing BMX

    I have been doing Some BMX racing with my son.
  7. jaredphoto

    HyperSmooth Boost and Horizon Leveling are pretty Cool

    Was testing out HyperSmooth and Horizon Leveling. Pretty phenomenal to get that much stabilization.
  8. jaredphoto

    Biking Used Adobe Premiere Rush

    I put a fun little edit of my son riding down stairs. I used Adobe Premiere Rush to see how user friendly it is. It's not too bad. Fairly easy to edit and use. I think Adobe is trying to break into the market that Apple's iMovie has.
  9. jaredphoto

    Another cloud timelapse

    I tend to do a lot of time lapses of clouds. This was with my GoPro Hero6 and Canon 5D. Hero 6 Photo Timelapse mode 1 photo every 5 seconds DSLR 1 photo every 10 seconds
  10. jaredphoto

    Clouds timelapse

    This was from when the first storm of the season rolled through.
  11. jaredphoto

    GoPro Hero 9 leaks

    Who's getting excited for the Hero 9 release? Time for the leaks to surface! https://photorumors.com/tag/gopro-hero-9/
  12. jaredphoto

    Old Heroes

    This is a weird and random question. My GoPro Hero HD and Hero 2 have been sitting in storage and I have noticed they have a a sticky film on them. Anyone know why this is and how to remove it? They still work.
  13. jaredphoto

    Other Lego Pool Tidal Wave

    When your kids love Legos and it's crazy hot out. Take the Legos to the pool!
  14. jaredphoto


    Does anyone know the purpose of the .LRV files? Should I keep them or deleted them after transferring to my computer?
  15. jaredphoto

    Dome Port

    Does anybody use a dome port for their GoPro? What are your thoughts? I just got the GoPole Dome H4 for my Hero4 Black. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. jaredphoto

    Snow Sports Dome Port

    Does anybody use a dome port for their GoPro? What are your thoughts? I just got the GoPole Dome H4 for my Hero4 Black. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. jaredphoto

    Snow Sports Backcountry splitboarding

    Backcountry splitboarding trip to Pear Lake in Sequoia National Park https://youtu.be/QVFye_CfgQ0 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. jaredphoto

    GoPro Stabilization

    What does everybody use to stabilize their GoPro when doing a follow cam?
  19. jaredphoto

    4K Video on Youtube

    Has anybody tried uploading a 4K video to Youtube? I have seen it done recently. I am going to try uploading my own of a time lapse I did. We'll see what happens.
  20. jaredphoto

    September Cloud Time lapse

    A 5 hour time lapse on nice September afternoon.