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    Watersports Melbourne winter diving

    Video taken over the course of this winter (Jun - Sept.) at one of my favourite dive spots near Melbourne (Aus.).
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    Watersports INON Wide Angle Conversion Lens

    +1. I've used this lens 4 on 5 dives now, love it.
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    Custom DIY Mounts Diy dive tray

    Sorry to go off topic but how do you find those qudos lights underwater?
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    Using a Session underwater

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to take a Session underwater yet? The reviews I've read only mention disappointment that it can only go to 10m, however, I was considering it as a small, mask mounted camera strictly for snorkeling so 10m wouldn't be a problem. I'd be...
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    LCD screen for Hero 4 Black

    What is the difference between the lcd screen I have for my Hero 3 (Model ALCDB-301) and the newer version (Model ALCDB-401)?
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    Watersports Boating, Miami, BOOBS, ASS and Hennessy!

    It's telling me I can't watch it as "this video is private" :-(
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    LCD touch screen turning itself off

    I took my GoPro 4 Black for a dive this weekend and thought I'd try attaching the lcd touchscreen which I already had for my GoPro 3 Black. I noticed that the lcd would turn itself off after a while (but the camera remained on) which I presume is to preserve battery. However it also did it even...
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    Watersports Scuba 1st timer in need of help

    Hi. Head mounting will result in very shaky unstable footage full of bubbles. I'd also say that while the mounts I've seen that clip to your BCD straps look good while you're stood upright.... while you're diving you're horizontal meaning those mounts will result in footage of only what's...