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    wot no Fusion section

    don't think i've missed it, but can't see a section for Fusions
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    speed read-out on Quik app

    on the latest update of Quik on my iPhone, it said they've added an animation when you hit max speed. Has anyone been able to get it to work
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    well, sorry to say but i'm off. Theirs way too much spam on here & doesn't seem to be any attempt to stop it (whether it be as simple as moderators just deleting the threads & banning the account) there has been some good GoPro content & discussion, but i'm not trawling through this everyday Duane
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    How safe are GoPro's with magnets

    Anyone any idea how safe GoPro's are to use by magnets. I've got a very strong magnet mount, but always use an extension to make sure the GoPro is away from it. I want to use it as a magnetic chest mount, which means it'll be close. Is that going to cause any damage
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    addicted to GoPro's

    only just realised I hadn't done my own thread for my collection, as the title I'm addicted to GoPro's & trying to collect them all. I've got 25 at the minute, although another is already in the post. I have got a few sealed, but do like to mess with the ones that are open. I've got a couple of...
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    Hero+LCD, Argos special

    I assume Argos are a UK only company, but they are currently selling the Hero+LCD for £149 (£100 off). It is a discontinued model now, but my local store has had a new delivery in, but assume they are clearing Buy GoPro HERO+ LCD Screen Full HD Action Camera at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop...
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    Karma recall

    doesn't look like its been mentioned here, so thought i'd post up for 1) anyone who might have a Karma & needs to return it 2) to discuss how bad this is for GoPro things haven't been good for GoPro recently, but the Hero 5/Karma launch did help. Now thats not worked out as expected what can we...
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    Zippr / Torch-cam

    I went on a ghost tour of Warwick castle the other night, & used a Zippr mount to put a Session onto my torch. Really impressed with how the footage came out so thought i'd share it, video is only a quick 1 demo nothing exciting
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    WARNING - ebay scammer

    just found this on ebay, i realised something was up straight away as the picture has been edited to hide the model number. Then i twigged, its a Hero 3 he's trying to sell advertised as a Hero 4. It also says "new", yet is in a GoPro refurb box. Long delivery time obviously gives him time to...
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    right-angle USB lead & powering 4x GoPro's for 360video

    I made some 360 degree mounts a while ago to mount 4 GoPro's, but never actually got round to using them. The problem I'm trying to fix is keeping them powered for such a long time while the wifi is on. I can't find a USB lead with right-angle head so the charging cable goes straight down, &...
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    3D drone

    bought a 3D bracket for my Sessions, took some test footage in the car this morning on the way to work. Looking forward to seeing if it works on the drone the weekend
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    Steadicams, Copters, Panning Devices and More charging FeiYu gimbal via USB port

    as the title says really, can you charge the batteries in a FeiYu gimbal via the gimbals micro-USB port instead of taking them out everytime. I've got the WG but assume it'll work the same if their other gimbals can charge via it
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    mounting ideas on a car

    i'm taking my car down the quarter mile for the first time this weekend & want some unique mounting ideas for some footage. I've got 4 GoPro's, although i've decided i'm defo having one on my helmet so got 3 to put around the car. They don't allow suction mounts, & not really sure on the other...
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    how much prove do you need, they got it wrong with the Session

    here's a copy of the GoPro page from Argos, H4B £50 cheaper than the inferior spec'd Session shows GoPro messed up in my eyes
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    Motorsports GoPro crash test (non-intentional)

    just shows the strength of our little GoPro's, obviously needed a new waterproof case but the camera still works perfectly