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    Can I transfer an Older GoPro App 5.2.4 From my iPad to my iPhone 6?

    Is there any way to transfer my older GoPro app 5.2.4 from my iPad Air 2 to an iPhone 6? I had that version on my iPhone 6 that was accidently deleted. The new GoPro app ver. 7.4 will not support an i.o.s. device under version 13. My iPhone 6 is updated to 12.9 which doesn't support i.o.s. 13...
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    Need Great Remote (NOT GoPro Smart Remote) for my Hero 7 Black

    Tried two GoPro Smart Remotes which have been nothing but a P.I.A. over the last three years....... I'm done with those. Anyone here know of a great remote for a Hero 7 Black that actually works without issues? I'm probably looking for a miracle but, I thought I'd give it a shot. Thanks 🤔🤔🤔
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    Hero7 Black - Smart Remote Won't Pair Anymore?

    Well here I am...... same situation as with the first Smart Remote. I did a factory reset on the GoPro & paired the replacement remote which worked flawlessly until I tried my external power pack. Now it works periodically with or without my external Anker power pack. I've tried it with the...
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    Smart Remote Replacement: Can't Pair Up Hero 7 Black

    I have a new replacement GoPro Smart Remote for my Hero 7 Black. It won't pair up to the GoPro probably due to having the old one paired up to it in the past. This new replacement just keeps trying and trying. I do have the WiFi on. If anyone can give me instructions to get me going I would...
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    Hero7 Black - Smart Remote Won't Pair Anymore?

    I've been using my Smart Remote for the last couple days snowmobiling, it's been giving me some issues, now it won't pair up; 1) Normally, it takes about a 30 seconds to a minute for the WiFi to pair up to my Hero7 Black. 2) It froze up to the point I couldn't turn it off. Since there's no...
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    Hero 7 Black Noise in Shadows

    Finally had a day with decent full sunshine to perform a few test videos. I'm not too impressed with the shadows due to having some noise. It's not terrible, I just thought the noise levels would be better. I tried low, medium & high sharpness on some tests along with setting the white balance...
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    Cant Find? Rubber Cord Keeper

    Cant Find These Rubber Cord Keepers Hi, I've been searching all over the internet and can't find the following rubber cord keeper anywhere. They look larger in the photo below but, they are only 1 3/4" wide x 1 1/4" high I've seen the following type for computer desks, etc. but, they...
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    Mac Users Help Needed: Hero7 Black Not Showing Codec Info in Finder

    Hi, I'm on a 2016 MacBook Pro 15" w/ touchbar with OS High Sierra. I'm having an issue with my GoPro Hero7 Black folder information not showing video codecs within Finder. The following are my actions directly from my SDXC card once opened within Finder; Click on video within the folder > Right...
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    Battery Drain Hero7 Black

    Please disregard. Thank you
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    Wanted: Power Bank Suggestions Hero7 Black?

    Hi, Getting ready to pull the trigger on a Hero7 Black. Due to wanting to use this snowmobiling, I would like to hook up to a good power bank instead of depending on poor battery life in the cold. I've been looking at the Anker Power Banks PowerCore+13400 with the other being 13000 (link below)...
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    Suggestions Needed for Glass LCD Screen Protector Hero7 Black

    Hi, I would like some suggestions for a great glass screen protector for thr Hero7 Black? Thanks, Ray