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  1. fishycomics

    August 2020 Update: New Forum + Your Feedback

    5 plus months have passed, when does your First contest begin?
  2. fishycomics

    5 day tomato

  3. fishycomics

    talkin plants

  4. fishycomics

    fun flying

  5. fishycomics

    run a day

  6. fishycomics

    GoPro HERO9 Black: Here's what you need to know

    All sounds great. 5K would mean a new Editors needed, and updates on computers if outdated, all sounds great, if you want to be in the game. Right now use what you got till a Hero 1.0 hits the market a 1-inch sensor what we all are waiting for, not another updated model that they offered with...
  7. fishycomics

    GoPro hero 9 Black Lets note the Issues

    Perfect to know History can repeat itself again so lets again note all the issues LED stuck on
  8. fishycomics

    Rc fun

    yeah gps is the best with gopro Lol
  9. fishycomics

    Old Heroes

    try alochol free glass cleaner on a towel.
  10. fishycomics

    What's important to you. with the latest firmwares

    GoPro can not do it all, issued camera since Oct 2019 Fw ver 2.0 never fixed that one important issue that GoPro is stringing people along. Check back, we are well aware.. GoPro labs QR, all to Beta test, then webcam Now everyone, well not me, a few are wanting Both, and that is where Gopro...
  11. fishycomics

    Rc fun

    I find a secured spot and bolt down then selfie stick things near 60 mph could have gone 65 if I had the room came out shaky due to the wobbling Lol
  12. fishycomics

    Rc fun

    got the clips made, stand by
  13. fishycomics

    Rc fun

    Sorry. the App crashes more on editing can give another shot maybe with Race render. the Speeds hit were around 43 mph and up to 51 if I go all out.
  14. fishycomics

    Hero 9 yeah talk is what is out there so why not add to this rumor

    glad to see he did something that lay more off. no one should lose their jobs and make a killing Lol I agree let the bugs die down, but the bugs still followed to the hero 8 and bet to the hero 9.
  15. fishycomics

    Hero 9 yeah talk is what is out there so why not add to this rumor

    awesome. Now keep in mind when the Hero 9 goes on sale trade up is useless.
  16. fishycomics

    Hero 9 yeah talk is what is out there so why not add to this rumor

    New for the Hero 9: Newer chip tripod socket tft screen to leading edge newer lens The down side of this all 20% layoff, Nick woodman taking a remainder of the year no salary, catering to the Model market. Plus members Benefit with discounts , for $60.00 Annually with free cloud, accessories...