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  1. RebelPro

    Free Gloves with GoPro 7 Black

    I think that GoPro should include free thermal gloves with the GoPro 7 Black. I just received my camera about an hour ago, and obviously my first test was to do a hyper lapse (or warp video, whatever they call it) with the stabilizer. I got in my car, A/C on (since I live in south Florida...
  2. RebelPro

    Is GoPro customer service so ridiculously bad?

    All my GoPro cameras I have bought from BestBuy. It is convenient and one short drive away. Since I was unable to sell my GoPro 3+ Silver, I decided to take advantage of the Trade-Up program so I could get the new Hero 7 Black. This can only be done directly with GoPro. I send my camera in...
  3. RebelPro

    Aaaaannnnnnd Stiiiiiillllllll...... overpriced!

    So I got an email from Gopro about the new Gopro for ONLY $199 :dunno: The little I saw about the camera specs, I see is missing the 4K video option. While I see Yi has 4K action cameras raging from $99 to $299, I still believe GoPro continues to be overpriced. I guess their idea of replacing...
  4. RebelPro

    GoPro on sale... not the camera, but the company

    Yup. GoPro is for sale, that’s how bad the company is doing. I’ve been watching videos about the company, the business and how bad is doing financially. The owner of course hasn’t been open about the current state the company is at, still claiming awesome sales, and how they lowered the hero 6...
  5. RebelPro

    Karma is dead

    Right from the beginning that whole "Karma" name seemed like a bad idea to me. You don't wanna mess with Karma.... ever!!! :hammerhead: Anyways, I just saw the news GoPro is laying off a huge amount of people from their drone department and they're ending their drone project. I'm not surprised...
  6. RebelPro

    Powerextra batteries for GoPro Hero5

    For those of you that either have these batteries or other brand batteries, I have a couple of questions. 1- do 3rd party batteries lose power when not in use faster than GoPro original batteries? Even when they’re stored not in the camera? 2- when putting the batteries in the camera in a...
  7. RebelPro

    I fell for the Black Friday5 crap

    Yup, I'm selling my GoPro 3+ Silver since I ordered the Hero5. Of course, the 6 would be a much better choice but they don't have any good offers for it.
  8. RebelPro

    I’m a traitor!

    Well... kinda. On Sunday I received my Mavic Pro drone. While I had the option to get the Karma drone, the Mavic was definitely and without doubt my first and only choice. Why? While lens distortion can be removed, not having to remove lens distortion is always a benefit video editors...
  9. RebelPro

    Amazon Prime Day deal on Session bundle

    Hey everyone. In case anyone is interested, Amazon has a pretty nice deal with the GoPro Session (4 not the 5) for the Prime members for only $149 Session Bundle • GoPro HERO Session • GoPro The Handler • AmazonBasics Head Strap Camera Mount for GoPro • Samsung 95MB/s (U1) MicroSD EVO Memory...
  10. RebelPro

    Garmin VIRB 360 shoots up to 5.7K at 30 fps

    A little expensive but besides it can shoot 360º video and 5.7K video it can be used as a live broadcasting camera with the smartphone app. Garmin VIRB 360
  11. RebelPro

    Gave up on this forum

    With all honestly, I kind of gave up on this forum. The constant overflow of spam has gotten to me and I just lost interest to check the forum anymore. It sucks because those who post real stuff, whether to share their work or ideas, or those with questions or looking for help will find...
  12. RebelPro

    A new small gimbal?

  13. RebelPro

    Who needs movie theaters when you got spammers???

    ...SAID NO ONE EVER :hammerhead:
  14. RebelPro

    Birdie mount

    Have you guys seen this? Not sure why but I find this funny.
  15. RebelPro

    Hover Camera Passport - Self-Flying Camera

    This is their website Hover Camera Of course, FAR from being a DJI or Karma competition but it is an interesting drone nonetheless Folded Dimension - 182x132x33mm Weight - 242g (including battery) Max Speed - 8m/s (17mph) Max Flight Altitude - 2000m (6562ft) Max Hovering Time - 10min(No wind)...
  16. RebelPro

    Other Hot Wheels Stunts

    So this guy attached a Session to the chassis of a hot wheels for some of the takes and the results are pretty cool.
  17. RebelPro

    Time Lapse Videos Hurricane Matthew from South Florida

    Where I live (south of Miami) we didn't really get much action, if any action at all. In a way is a good thing, since I don't want any destruction or power outage, but it would have been cool to get some better time-lapse videos. Here are two videos I took. I'm about to process the last video as...
  18. RebelPro

    So pissed at Gopro right now

    So they update the GoPro mobile app which now requires you to sign in in order to use it. My password doesn't work. I request to reset my password. I type all the requirements for a new password but I get an error saying the password is invalid. After a few tries I decide to use a new email and...
  19. RebelPro

    DJI Mavic Pro drone

    So, DJI now released a small folding drone to compete with the Karma. I kind of figured this was going to happen, but I wasn't sure how soon it would. For $200 more than the Karma you get a relatively smaller drone with the obstacle avoidance, ActiveTrack, TapFly and other smart features that...
  20. RebelPro

    When you're famous, have the right contacts and you have sponsors

    Maria, a gorgeous European pilot has become an Instagram sensation, followed by a lot of people on instagram. She uses mostly a GoPro to take her pictures. Anyway, Instagram has this new "stories" option which is kind of like Snapchat, where people post videos and pictures but they don't show...