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  1. jaredphoto

    Is there any current way for me to view or edit my Max footage?

    Have you tried the GoPro Player app or the plug in for Premiere or After Effects? https://community.gopro.com/t5/en/GoPro-Player/ta-p/413305
  2. jaredphoto

    Biking Used Adobe Premiere Rush

    I put a fun little edit of my son riding down stairs. I used Adobe Premiere Rush to see how user friendly it is. It's not too bad. Fairly easy to edit and use. I think Adobe is trying to break into the market that Apple's iMovie has.
  3. jaredphoto

    GoPro’s New Bluetooth Remote

    I wonder how it compares to the previous model?
  4. jaredphoto

    2021 ENDURO: Yamaha XT225

    Nice footage.
  5. jaredphoto

    Another cloud timelapse

    Thanks! Happy new year!
  6. jaredphoto

    Another cloud timelapse

    I tend to do a lot of time lapses of clouds. This was with my GoPro Hero6 and Canon 5D. Hero 6 Photo Timelapse mode 1 photo every 5 seconds DSLR 1 photo every 10 seconds
  7. jaredphoto

    What Recording Mode To Use Please

    I shoot in 2.7k since shooting in 4k will not work on my computer. That way I am using the highest resolution possible. I generally shoot at 60fps depending on what my subject matter is. Depending on the POV, I'd shoot wide or superview. If you are wanting to record a lot of video than I would...
  8. jaredphoto


    Hard to give tips on how to be creative. Look for interesting angles or point of views. Play around and experiment.
  9. jaredphoto

    Clouds timelapse

    This was from when the first storm of the season rolled through.
  10. jaredphoto

    Hero 8 External Power and Waterproof

    You would most likely have to figure out a way to keep the water out. I have seen videos on YouTube where people modify dive cases to accept power or a mic and still water resistant.
  11. jaredphoto

    GoPro Hero 9 leaks

    Who's getting excited for the Hero 9 release? Time for the leaks to surface! https://photorumors.com/tag/gopro-hero-9/
  12. jaredphoto

    Old Heroes

    This is a weird and random question. My GoPro Hero HD and Hero 2 have been sitting in storage and I have noticed they have a a sticky film on them. Anyone know why this is and how to remove it? They still work.
  13. jaredphoto

    August 2020 Update: New Forum + Your Feedback

    I think the mobile version is great! I definitely like it over Tapatalk. Jared
  14. jaredphoto

    GoPro Smart Remote alternative?

    I agree. Contact GoPro about the remote. I have had good experiences with GoPro Support so that is the avenue I would take. I use the GoPro app a bunch, even with my super old HeroHD 2!
  15. jaredphoto

    Editing Night Lapse Photo

    I have had similar issues. I usually save the project, close GoPro Studio, and then re-open GoPro Studio. That has been my fix. Unfortunately GoPro no longer is updating Studio. I really liked it as a free editing software. I use iMovie since I have not wanted to shell out the cash for Final Cut...
  16. jaredphoto

    Other Lego Pool Tidal Wave

    When your kids love Legos and it's crazy hot out. Take the Legos to the pool!
  17. jaredphoto

    GoPro's New Line of LIFESTYLE Gear: Good Move?

    Well, it looks like GoPro has added some threads to the Lifestyle section and the Seeker backpack is back. GoPro Lifestyle Gear
  18. jaredphoto

    How to deal with a Warranty return

    I know right. Leave it to the weekend to delay shipping.
  19. jaredphoto

    How to deal with a Warranty return

    one of the few benefits living in California…UPS Ground gets to me the next day.
  20. jaredphoto

    How to deal with a Warranty return

    And just like that the replacement parts arrives.