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  1. Jatekman

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles On the Road

    Thank you very much for your feedback, yeah it's a raptor but to be honest it not really in the shot, it's combined with another shot. Ciao Rob
  2. Jatekman

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles On the Road

    Dear all, I have made a roadtrip and made some GoPro and Mavic shots to create a video. Lean back and enjoy, feedback welcome. Ciao Rob
  3. Jatekman

    Winter in Norway

    Very nice vid with cool musi and good effects - good work, thanx for sharing. Ciao Rob
  4. Jatekman

    multi-brand consumer

    Thank you very much for your explanation, wondering how it would look if the cam is mounted in a car, maybe with a suction cup on the front/side window. Going sometimes on a track with the car and till now using two cams for front and back view, would be interesting how looks with a 360 - wil...
  5. Jatekman

    multi-brand consumer

    Yeah, looks great and fascinating - how do you hold/is the cam mounted and why it's not visible? Ciao Rob
  6. Jatekman

    multi-brand consumer

    The third clip looks interesting, that's what I imagine when mounted in/on car, maybe you have time to make a little test inside a car while driving. Why this strange format and is this max resolution, on YouTube only 480? Ciao Rob
  7. Jatekman

    Other Going for the Movies

    Thank you very much for your feedback, I could have put much more movies into the vid but I have to see the length. Ciao Rob
  8. Jatekman

    multi-brand consumer

    I can imagine to do some shots in or at the car while driving as a narrative element of a vid to show location change. What are the possibilities in post for reframing and which editor can be used? Magix Pro? Ciao Rob
  9. Jatekman

    GoPro Max

    I guess that a vid only 360 is not the solution, the 360 can be an interesting support for a good vid but not the base. Only thing a 360 alone working is documentary vids like going in a race car or downhill with bike or ski - would be interesting to see if it's possible to put the 2 systems...
  10. Jatekman

    Basic functions of the GoPro Quik App

    Thanx, will be useful for beginners. Ciao Rob
  11. Jatekman

    Editing with the GoPro Quik App - Complete walkthrough

    Yeah nice tutorial thanx for sharing. Ciao Rob
  12. Jatekman

    multi-brand consumer

    Sounds interesting, agree that the 360 will help but not replace the normal cam, thought also a while about it. Most thing I don't like is the strong distortion of the 360 and the difference to the normal cam. Well I am exited and hopeful that you make some arguments for the idea to use both...
  13. Jatekman

    Other Going for the Movies

    Dear all, in this times I missing the cinema visit and the movies. I have tried to put this feelings into a video - lean back and enjoy. Ciao Rob
  14. Jatekman

    GoPro Max

    Thanx for the example, well apart from the poor quality this kind of 360 video that requires action from the viewer are not a good way to make vids. I would imagine to do all the different views in post so the viewer can enjoy the video. Ciao Rob
  15. Jatekman

    Addu Atoll

    Very nice vids, great work in filming and editing, thanx for sharing. Good to see these excellent pics in this hard times, lets hope better coming. Ciao Rob
  16. Jatekman

    Park City 2021

    Nice vid, great landscape and blue sky, looks great, thanx for sharing. How did you do the editing and which editor was used? Ciao Rob
  17. Jatekman

    ENDURO 2021: Yamaha XT250

    Yeah nice one looks like fun, maybe you can add next time some outer perspectives, good music and cutting, thanx for sharing. Ciao Rob
  18. Jatekman

    GoPro Max

    Owner of six GoPros but no idea for going 360, thought about it for using in/at car driving on track may be more dynamic than mounting 2-3 cams at/in the car. What I don't like is the strong distortion of the pics and not many possible editors, maybe you can share your experiences and results...
  19. Jatekman

    Other Cologne Carnival - Ghost Town

    Thank you very much for your feedback, working on a new project with the subject missing the movies/cinema also in color and blackwhite technique. Ciao Rob
  20. Jatekman

    Snow Sports couple of quick screen grabs

    For me is editing great fun and one of my best hobbies, keep on going. Ciao Rob