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  1. blmeanie

    multi-brand consumer

    So after getting the fever for a 360 camera and doing some reviews for how/what I want it for, I ended up complementing my GoPro 7 black with an Insta360 x2 camera. Time will tell if I made a good choice over the 360 Max or not. As I said, it will complement my 7 black, not replace. None of...
  2. blmeanie

    Park City 2021

    Little video of ski trip last month
  3. blmeanie

    Snow Sports couple of quick screen grabs

    recorded on my 7 black but haven't gone through all the footage yet but did grab these two love the quality of these cameras
  4. blmeanie


    technically there is some GoPro footage in this, just a little unfortunately. Hope you enjoy the video regardless
  5. blmeanie

    Curious - why does GoPro insert slo mo into video when you open it first time?

    Wondered about this for a while, when I open gopro shot footage at HD resolution with high frames per second setting, the file opens in Quicktime on my mac with random middle section in slo motion. Curious if they think we would forget it is possible to slow footage down or what?
  6. blmeanie

    GoPro Pictures 7 black - golfing

    I was in a fundraising charity tournament yesterday and took the gopro out, I'm a video guy more than pictures, set it to 4k 240 and rolled some video. I will edit in near future for my friends but gave them a preview of the power of the gopro with these three screen grabs off one of the...
  7. blmeanie

    firmware - black 7

    Hey - while using my black 7 yesterday, through the app on the phone it reminded me of an update (not sure if it was the app or of firmware to be honest). I clicked "later". Anyone know if it was just the app needing updating? If Firmware, should I wait/not do it as I have become firmware...
  8. blmeanie

    Watersports hydrofoiling - gopro 7 black

    Took to the water today to celebrate my birthday, couple of fun foil runs, had the 7 black on a 360 mount on top of my helmet and tried time lapse for the first time, I think it took 1600 pictures on my first run , here are two that I have looked at so far that I like, no post edit, just resized...
  9. blmeanie

    black 7 - loving it so far

    Took my newly purchased black 7 skiing this week, initial reaction is great. My other active GoPro is a 3+ silver, used both on this trip. Love that the 7 is not in a full protective case, water resistant Love the 2.7k at 60 fps played a little with GPS in Quick, fun and I will utilize it a...
  10. blmeanie

    black 7 purchase soon

    I plan on finally getting a 7 black soon. A month or so ago I saw a much lower price online at both amazon and directly with GoPro but was not ready to pull the trigger then. Now pricing is back to normal. Anyone know of any special pricing coming up? Also - I see on GoPro site they are...
  11. blmeanie

    Watersports Jumping

    Caught this with my silver 3+ yesterday. Had it hooked on a "killershot" 360 rotating helmet mount. Was on video and this is a grab from that.
  12. blmeanie

    Watersports hydrofoil 360 attempt

    my friend attempting a 360. First half of video is with helmet cam using a 3+ silver, 2nd half from boat vid camera. https://youtu.be/_HvTfVlgAVE
  13. blmeanie

    adding another go pro to the mix, which?

    Use will be while water skiing and snow skiing primarily, leaning towards a 5 session vs 5 black I don't need the screen but often am recording for a while and extra batteries are a must on my existing 3+ silver What is the recharge time on a session 5? I would likely be using a portable...
  14. blmeanie

    Extension stick

    What are the longest/good sticks for sale out there? I had a nice one, lost or broken by one of my kids years ago, replaced it with my current one a couple years ago, not thrilled with it. Thanks in advance
  15. blmeanie

    Stayblcam - anyone ever use one?

  16. blmeanie

    My Karma delima

    So I've never owned a drone. Would love to use one while foiling and with the new releases it may be the winter to buy one and get used to flying before spring comes around. Btw this is foiling bucket cam - YouTube My delima is that despite general belief that the Mavic is the "best" I am a...
  17. blmeanie


    while I hope to get a karma setup sometime as well as a Hero 5 session to go with it the hand held gimbal intrigues me. Unfortunately from what I see it isn't compatible with my 3+ silver and certainly not with my waterproof housing. Are there "mechanical" gimbals that are mount attaching...
  18. blmeanie

    Watersports Searching for water

    This is my lake neighbor mid-flip on a sit down hydrofoil. He is looking for the water to spot his landing. Gopro 3+ silver, screen shot grab off of video shot at 720P 60fps. The one with the water on top is the camera's true perspective, the one with water on bottom has been rotated 180...
  19. blmeanie

    Snow Sports best mounts for slopes

    I'm hitting the slopes in a couple of weeks. First time in 8 years, certainly first time with a gopro. I have a 3+ silver. Purchased anti-fog inserts, purchased tethers and have plenty of batteries and obviously will have charger in room. What are best mounts and ideas for shooting? I have...