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  1. Jatekman

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles On the Road

    Dear all, I have made a roadtrip and made some GoPro and Mavic shots to create a video. Lean back and enjoy, feedback welcome. Ciao Rob
  2. Jatekman

    Other Going for the Movies

    Dear all, in this times I missing the cinema visit and the movies. I have tried to put this feelings into a video - lean back and enjoy. Ciao Rob
  3. Jatekman

    Other Cologne Carnival - Ghost Town

    Dear all here some impressions from the "Carnival" this year in Cologne/Germany. Ciao Rob
  4. Jatekman

    Merry Christmas

    Yeah, not the best year and we have to think about the people in trouble..... But we are still here and going hopefully in better days! Merry Christmas to all here and to your loved ones! Ciao Rob
  5. Jatekman

    Other Visiting HOMETOWN

    Dear all, here a video from my hometown where I was born, it's Marosvasarhely in Transilvania/Romania. After my childhood my parents and me went to Germany where I now living. Transilvania is the place where the famous Count Dracula lived so watch out and beware of Wampy. 😀 Ciao Rob
  6. Jatekman

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles Eifel Colors

    Dear all, we are taking a trip through beautiful landscapes in the Eifel/Germany . Enjoy and have fun, feedback welcome. Ciao Rob
  7. Jatekman

    The Girl in A Forest

    Dear all, I take a good old song and tried to make a music video. It's all about finding something in life and don't get lost with wishes. Enjoy and have fun! Ciao Rob
  8. Jatekman

    Other Humbling River

    Dear all, in my new vid I have tried some new ideas and the look is also new and unusual. Enjoy and have fun, feedback welcome. Ciao Rob https://youtu.be/Kv2q07BhsAQ
  9. Jatekman

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles CARIB VIBES - Dominican Games

    Dear all, from my last holiday in the North of the Dominican Republic around Cabarete I made another video from the nice places and spectacular beaches. Enjoy and have fun, feedback welcome. Ciao Rob https://youtu.be/tl11fwk2Z2
  10. Jatekman

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles Taking A Ride

    Dear all, let me take you for a nice ride through the beautiful landscapes of the Eifel in Germany. Enjoy and have fun, feedback welcome. Ciao Rob https://youtu.be/JNRefDZSUAU
  11. Jatekman

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles DRIVING Bergisches Land

    Dear all, it's not allowed to travel so I take some short rides around my town to get some footage with my new Mavic 2 Pro. Bergisches Land means a part of Germany with many small mountains and nice small villages. Enjoy and have fun, feedback welcome. Ciao Rob
  12. Jatekman

    Other Stay Home - Show Home

    Dear all, in these days we have to be patient/sensible and spend time at home. So I decided to make at home videos and showing the personal surroundings- enjoy and have fun. Ciao Rob https://youtu.be/SK_IVeSOGdw
  13. Jatekman

    Motorsports DreamZ

    Dear all, an older vid from me, showing the famous racing track Nürburgring in Germany also known as The Green Hell. Used some editing tricks, maybe that gives you new ideas. Enjoy and have fun. Ciao Rob https://youtu.be/JtFYdkH2A0E
  14. Jatekman

    Other CABARETE Dominican Republic

    Dear all, I have spent 2 weeks in Cabarete/Dominican Republic and made some shots with the GoPro 7 and the Mavic Pro. You will see the beach of Cabarete, Puerto Plata and some nice beaches around. Lean back and enjoy. Ciao Rob https://youtu.be/DNjnVlPKYVc
  15. Jatekman

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles DOMINICAN Flight

    Dear all, I spent 2 weeks in the Dominican Republic and made some flights with my Mavic. Later will follow a GoPro vid about trips and Puerto Plata. Lean back and enjoy or better, watch on big screen and good sound in 4K. Ciao Rob https://youtu.be/P2UP7DlsR8Y
  16. Jatekman

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles EIFEL Best Place Ever

    Dear all, this is a vid about a beautiful landscape called The Eifel in Germany with lakes, castles and amazing views. Enjoy, critics and feedback welcome. Ciao Rob https://youtu.be/myg66V4T0SE __________________
  17. Jatekman

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles From the OCEAN to the SKY

    Dear all, let me take you on a birdflight from 0 meter up to 900 meter. Lean back and enjoy! Ciao Rob
  18. Jatekman

    Other Kos Summertime

    Dear all, here is my video about a beautiful island trip on Kos/Greece. We go through the harbour and the old city of Kos and after a boattrip on the top of the highest mountain- mount Dikeos with 846 m. Lean back and enjoy, feedback welcome. Ciao Rob https://youtu.be/Zn9APBq5aHU
  19. Jatekman

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles Kos five days till Summer

    Dear all, from my visit to the beautiful Island Kos in Greece I present you a birdflight over the gorgeous Island. Lean back and enjoy, feedback, critic and questions welcome. Ciao Rob https://youtu.be/_X10-N6WGUE
  20. Jatekman

    Motorsports RACING II Nürburgring

    Dear all, as the spring comes slowly and days getting better I went to the famous race track Nürburgring to have some fun with driving around with my Boxster S and meeting a friend who drives a Mercedes GTS. Lean back and enjoy! Ciao Rob https://youtu.be/D0tOIjx-AxI