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    GoPro accessories - selling as lot..all Original gp

    Selling this as lot . Everything except the alum billet screw and 360 time lapse are original Gopro not aftermarket . Have case ,adhesive mounts, 2 chestys, head Mount , dog Mount, suction cup , case , doors for 3+ and 4 silver ,screws etc etc .everthing in pic 85 shipped via USPS priority
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    SWIVIT mount

    I saw an ad on Facebook for this mount and decided to give it a try cause it was only $25. It rotates 360 degrees and locks every 45 degrees. I used it on my jet ski and was a little worried about how it would hold up in rough water and wave jumping. It performed VERY well. I rotated it alot...
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    Is there any difference between the Smatree, Goscope and Sandmarc poles? They seem pretty much the same. Ive got a cheaper 30" pole but its made from metal so Im looking at one of the Alum. ones
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    Hero 3/3+ LCD +backdoors

    Have a Touch LCD- used twice and still has plastic film on screen plus backdoors for 3 or 3+(your choice) $57 shipped in US
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    Tele Lens

    HighPro 2.0X TELE Telephoto Lens for GoPro Hero3+ / Hero3 - Black - Free Shipping - DealExtreme Has anyone tried on of these?? I was wondering how well they work
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    Zoom for Hero3

    Anyone know of a zoom that can be attatched to a GP?
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    Steadicams, Copters, Panning Devices and More Ebay deal for US members

    Found this MUVI X lapse timed panner on ebay. I offered $18 plus shipping $5.35 so it made it $23.35 shipped Veho Muvi x Lapse Time Lapse Mount iPhone iPod Touch HTC Android Photography | eBay
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    Other Cruise Time lapse

    Time lapse from a cruise back in July. I meant for the vid to be of us pulling out of port , unfortunately i got back to the cabin late and only got a few frames at port
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    GoPro black/ Sony action cam comparison

    1080p 60fps 60p GoPro Hero3 vs Sony Action Cam Comparison - YouTube
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    Hero 3+ pics

    GoPro HERO3+ Black Comparison - Imgur Good Hero3/Hero3+ comparison pics
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    Watersports Wave jumping..broken bones and dislocation:)

    This is video from last sunday doing a little wave jumping. @:27 i hit a wave sideways and dislocated my ankle and well as broke it in two places......with the exception of that incident it was probably one of the funnest days i had on the water this summer:)
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    Battery bac pac ?

    Does anyone know if the waterproof back door for the battery bac pac can work as the back door for the LCD as well? Also how much time does the battery bac pac add? 50% more time?
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    Chinese after market GP parts

    Anyone noticed the huge increase of chinese knock off parts for GoPro lately on Ebay and such? I see they are selling The Frame for like $11. Most i wouldnt trust except the alum bolts
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    Cyberlink Media Suite

    Anyone used Cyberlink Media Suite Prem for editing? I have it coming pre-installed in a new laptop but i was going to see if I could swap it out for another option.
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    GP3 LCD back door wanted ~~buy or trade

    I am looking for the waterproof LCD back door for the GP3. ICan either buy or I have several regular GP3 back doors ,skeleton door or surfboard mounts to trade
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    GP 3 Blk $329.00!!!

    On slickdeal there is a site selling gp3 blacks for 20% off
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    Best for video editing

    What is better for a beginner at video editing. Cineform or VLC???? I have never attempted any editing but I think its time for myself to get the most out of my GP hero3
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    Saddest day of the summer:)

    Went out on the jetski with my Black Hero 3 jumping small waves/wakes. After one jump the housing broke where it connects to mount. The bolt was still in place with just one small piece of the clear housing part..........honestly felt like crying lol $530 gone
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    LCD back door

    I just got my GP3(4th one:p) and i was going to put on the waterproof back door for the touch LCD. The door that has the sticker "waterproof" is the one that is thin/almost flexible while the one that says standard is hard(like the gp2 lcd back door) I'm guessing they just put the sticker one...
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    20% off GoPros

    REI has a 20% off code right now that can be used for any GP- the code is "MEM2013"~~~~just bought another Black for $320 + tax