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  1. TobyB

    GoPro Max

    Anyone using the Max? I'm ordering one since my 360fly has been lost.
  2. TobyB

    GoPro Stock on the Rise

    I've been a shareholder since IPO and have road the waves of the launch and the eventual plummet around the Karma failure. Recently though, GoPro's stock has climbed back to the positive for me with today's price hovering around the mid $12. Curious if anyone else in the forums held or invests...
  3. TobyB

    GoPro Hero7 Pre-Order Video Announcement

    GoPro sent out an email announcing the Hero7 and its Gimball-Like built in stabilization. You can watch the video on YouTube.
  4. TobyB

    GoPro replaced my Karma

    Last week while filming a home, the Karma controller issued a battery failure warning. The warning instructed me to land yet the Karma would decend past 31ft. Eventually, the Karma shut off and plummeted to the ground in a rather aggravating demise. However, the next day I called GoPro and...
  5. TobyB

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles River Flight with some Wild Horses

    Here is my latest edit and first real edit with the Karma. Let me know your thoughts. Cheers!
  6. TobyB

    Hero 6 4K at 60fps plays back in Slow-Mo

    Just started using the 4K at 60fps when filming the Xmas search. Upon review, the video plays back in slow motion like the camera was on a different setting. After reviewing the camera settings, i couldn't determine why the slow motion would be caused. So I searched online and found this thread...
  7. TobyB

    Steadicams, Copters, Panning Devices and More Karma w/ attached Hero 6

    Look what just arrived. Can't wait to take her for a spin.
  8. TobyB

    Time Lapse Videos Flag, Lake, & Sunset Timelapse

    Might have to change to video, versus using pictures, for water and flag type timelapse videos. It would improve the supporting scenery making it smoother. GoPro Settings Mode: Timelapse Interval: 10s Shutter: Auto Protune: On Other Settings: Default
  9. TobyB

    Time Lapse Videos Arizona NightLapse (Mesa, Az)

    Over spring break we headed to Mesa, Az and I left the Hero4 out in the desert over night. The back drop is of Red Mountain and the camera was stationary on the ground - didn't have a tri-pod so it was challenging to get the framing with cacti just right. As it can be seen, there is one...
  10. TobyB

    Time Lapse Videos A 22,360 Picture Timelapse

    Hey Fanatics, After the Superbowl it started to snow at home so I decided to do another timelapse. The goal of this mini shoot was to see how fluid a timelapse could be since I know some become slightly choppy once sped up a lot. I decided on setting the camera to take 1 picture every 2...
  11. TobyB

    Video Editing Tips (2 Videos)

    I was watching on some video editing today and camera across a guy who has some great vacation video tips. Hope it gives you ideas like it has me. How to Make Travel Videos (3 tips) What Video Editing Software to Use (among other stuff)
  12. TobyB

    Time Lapse Videos Timelapse take of Downtown Vancouver, BC

    Hey all. here is my latest, a silent timelapse, filmed from downtown Vancouver. I used a suction cup and power cord to shoot 930+ pictures for this one. Also, used the 3+ Black instead of the 4 Black since that camera was needed that night. All-in-all, not a bad outcome.
  13. TobyB

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles 21 Aerial Views of My County

    A compilation of 21 aerial views of Snohomish County, WA. I filmed many of the lakes, not all, a few rivers and waterfalls, and views of the Puget Sound. This one had a lot of edit time so drop it a Thumbs Up on YouTube if you can. Cheers!
  14. TobyB

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles Waterfall Drone Video ... Yes Another One!

    Concluding all the footage obtained in Lake Tahoe this year, here is the final video and its of Eagle Falls. Located near the Emerald Bay over look, Eagle Fall is pretty spectacular yet without a drone its hard to get this type of view. Also, at one point I was only flying a few feet from the...
  15. TobyB

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles Fall Flight over a Local River

    The river is called the S. Fork Stillaguamish River and my goal was capture as much fall color as possible. Even though the trees are colored, was hoping for a bit diversity. Anyhoo, let me know what you think Fanatics.
  16. TobyB

    Custom Logo

    Hey all. I just had logo made for the videos. What do you think?
  17. TobyB

    Motorsports Dyno Testing the Silverado

    The truck has been finally finished after a Summer's worth of work; engine, trans, and rear end with a lot of miscellaneous here and there. Wednesday I was able to get into the tuner to work the last bit of computer bugs. The video isn't a showcase video, just a few dyno pulls. The Silverado...
  18. TobyB

    YouTube Playlist Organization Question

    Hey Fanatics, For the past two days I've been organizing my YouTube playlists, sorting old videos and updating as necessary, and curious what others do. Currently, I have playlists around subjects, travel destinations, drones, 360 video, and such - all playlists. My question is: Could I be...
  19. TobyB

    Remote Control Aerial Vehicles FAA Release: New FAA Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Go Into Effect

    For us UAV folks, this morning the FAA released its Part 107 rule that pertains to commercial flights. As a UAV hobbyist and commercial user who's company holds a 333 Exemption, there is a lot of information to digest. This thread is being created so we Fanatics can work through this together...