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  1. nmkawierider

    Motorsports Four Wheel Fun - GoPro HERO 4 Black - 4K

    Well, it would have been better with more light...but it was better then expected. If I shot that in 4K with my H3B I sure wouldn't want to post it...so the H4B is a heck of a camera. My suggestions-More light, better angle (more up), more consistent clip lengths,...and better music..lol
  2. nmkawierider

    Time Lapse Videos Timelapse/Hyperlapse - Dundalk Ireland

    Very well done. I enjoyed every second of it. Your home town is very beautiful.
  3. nmkawierider

    Other 62 days from Thailand.

    Very well done. Thanks for sharing.
  4. nmkawierider

    Extreme Sports New BASE and SPEED exit. GREECE

    Unbelievable! You got some stones man...
  5. nmkawierider

    GoPro Cases and Storage Gopro 4 and mounts case

    It comes with a waterproof case and you can get a floaty back door from GP. Probably find one on Amazon.
  6. nmkawierider

    Watersports Exploration of a Newly Discovered Flooded Cave

    Absolutely astounding! Sure makes you think about how much water was trapped in ice during the ice age..or ages..to bring the level down that low.

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