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  1. nmkawierider

    Motorsports NMKawierider's Video Thread

    Thought it was time to have one place to plant my projects so here it is. I recently upgraded my system and been editing some old 2.7 stuff now that I can. Looking forward to some new footage but for now here's some of the test edits. The last is first...
  2. nmkawierider

    A proplexing Question

    We all know that in order to reduce the blurring or distortion in faster motion we use a higher frame rate because the increased frames per second reduces the amount of movement captured per frame. Common sense...right? Then answer me this: A while back I shot some 2.7K @24fps while riding my...
  3. nmkawierider

    Motorsports Trying Out Some New Stuff

    I wanted to start messing around with 2.7 and 4K on my Go Pro but didn't have enough RAM or a program that could render to those codecs so I bought 16gbs more memory and bought Power Director 12 Ultimate. I was going to shoot some 2.7K video on our next ride to test with but remembered I had...
  4. nmkawierider

    Capturing Lightning

    The other day the wife and I were on the back porch when a storm came through with some lightning. I wondered if my Go Pro could capture any of it so I ran inside, set it for 720/120, through it on my mini tripod and set it in the yard facing where most of the action was. Let it run a while then...
  5. nmkawierider

    Anyone try these Batteries?

    Anyone try these batteries yet? Had two of my batteries fail so I thought I would give them a try. They are 1290mAh where the Wasabis are 1200 and GPs are 1050 and are 4.8 Wh where the others are 3.8 & 4.4. Says 30% more then the OE If I can get a full hour out of one with wifi I'll be happy. I...
  6. nmkawierider

    H3B Remote Issue

    Love my H3B and the remote is great...as long as the remote has a full charge. Seems as soon as the remote uses about a bar on the charge it stops turning it on or off. It still displays the status and all the rest just won't start or stop recording...or any other function. Does anyone else...
  7. nmkawierider

    Motorsports Rocky Trail Ride on ATV

    Started putting together some vids of our 2013 trip to Northern NM last week. Here the first one called "Rocky Roads" H3B, all 1080/30 Sipapu 2013 Rocky Roads - YouTube
  8. nmkawierider

    Motorsports A Ride In The Desert

    NMKawierider's Video Thread From a ride on 1/24/13 I was able to toss together several test videos using several different settings and mount positions worth posting. Enjoy 1 24 13 Southern Vid 1 - YouTube 1 24 13 Southern Vid 2 - YouTube
  9. nmkawierider

    GPH3BE lens condition at delivery

    Thought I would share with you guys an issue I have with my H3 black. When I took delivery of it last month I gave it a good look over and saw a funny reflection on the lens so I cleaned it and took a look with a 20x jewelers loom. what I saw caused me to open a case with GP. Went back and forth...

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